Paradise Wind Shirt

$48 $85

The first piece Random Golf Club has built from the ground up, the Paradise Wind Shirt is built for golf and designed for the 21st century. Rather than create another baggy layer that feels like a trash bag, this original construction is purpose-built to let you swing a golf club freely.

It's got an elastic hem so the wind doesn't get all up in your business. A little water resistance (but, OK, not enough to stop the heavy stuff). And sleeves that actually fit your arms. Plus the Paradise palm trees provide a constant reminder of sunshine even when the weather isn't cooperating.

This is the kind of stuff we love to do inside the RGC Shop — solve old problems in golf and make the game a little easier to enjoy.

So try on this wind cheater. And club up.

100% polyester
Wind and water resistant
Hidden side pockets
Wind and water resistant

Sizing Chart (Please allow for some variance)

Size Width 
(From 1" below armpit)
(From top of shoulder) 
S 21" 28.5"
M 23" 29.5"
L 24.5" 30.5"
XL 26.5" 31.5"
2XL 27.5" 32.5"

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